Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Getting ready to show

We want to do an exhibit of our quilts; there's a lot to be done to get this sort of thing off the ground.

Last week we had a photographer come to the rec center where we meet to take pictures of our work, in order to make a CD that we can submit with applications.

That's the first step - next we will find a venue!

That's how it bee, sew forth and sew on ...

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

First meeting of the year

Saturday we had our first Wee Bee meeting of the year, hello 2016!

Here are a few projects shared by two of our members - Sandra:

and Gwen

Sew forth and sew on til later!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Busy at the bee

Yesterday we had a wonderful time at the bee!

Loretta taught a workshop on cutwork, and everybody had fun, even the members who weren't taking the workshop...

Lots of drawing...



and here are some of the beautiful results:
Sandra (Yetunde)!



Linda S!

and Sondra H!

Sew forth and sew on til later!

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Show-N-Tell At The Wee Bee (Oct-Nov)


It is show-n-tell at the Wee Bee Quilters meeting and what lovely creations has the girls been up to lately, well it is Ellie the Elephant.  Everyone wants a Ellie for their very own.

Here is Emma Mixon


Here is Linda Saunders


and Loretta Tatum


I am sure that more Ellie’s will be popping up in 2015.

Presentation:  Patricia King presented a Signature Quilt to Carolyn Burgess at our November meeting with these words:

To: Carolyn, a friend and fellow quilter, we love and cherish the  time we spend together.  I could not  think of no better tribute to make to you, than  to use your own words.

“Often we don’t say things because we always think we have time to say them.  Then after that someone is gone we think specifically about that person and think of so many things we could have, should have or would have said.  We’re going to say them now while we’re all here and can benefit from the words.”

Carolyn was so surprised she did not even no we were even presenting the quilt to her.



Gwen showed off her granddaughters bed roll for school.


Loretta finished her Black History quilt.  Love the backing fabric on this one.


Charlene Marshall showed of two color variations of the Reflection quilt she is working on for a friend at the center were she teaches quilting.  The first one is for a girl and the other a boy.  Great color choses.   


Not sure who’s quilt this is might be Pat JohnsonSAM_0233SAM_0234

Linda McKenzie              Gwen Jackson


These are quilts from the October meeting, do not know who is hiding behind them.


That is all for now. 

Reminder:  That some of use will be meeting in December on our regular day and time.