Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Family Day 2014–Quilts In The Gym

Because of the off and on rain last Saturday, we had to improvise by hanging the quilts in the Gym of North Michigan Park Recreation Center for this years Family Day.  Although it was a challenge, the Wee Bee Quilters won this challenge of hanging quilts the best way we could.
As you can see below we had them even hanging off the bleachers.
Here are the 10th Anniversary Quilts
I was so busy working the small grill outside, that I did not get as many pictures as I would have liked with all the girls in the gym.  We had a surprise visit from our long lost sister Nadine Mills (did not get a picture of her).  She here for a month or two, we miss Debbra Murphy who is back in California.
I got a surprise from my father.
When I told him some of is McDonald friends were at the Family Day is showed up.  It was nice seeing him there.  He lives right down the street from me and see him every Sunday, but I really have not hung out with my dad in sometime.  Great to see him coming out.

If any of you Wee Bee Quilts out there have any inside photos of Family Day, please post them on our site. 
See you next month.