Monday, June 17, 2013

Family Day - Quilts In The Trees

It was a great day to hang quilts in the trees.  The 4th or 5th Annual Family Day for Wee Bee Quilters was a great start.  Those of us who are always on time were there at the center by 8:00, but where in the world was the Rec. Center people to set up this Family Day?  I don't think anyone from the center showed up until 9:30 or 10:00.  Any way we had our quilts up and just set around waiting for the center to get its act together.
The Weather was great.  Not too hot or cold but just right.  The wind was high so the quilts were flapping in the wind.
Thank God we had our own food this year (but we always do), because the center was lacking very badly.  They only had hot dogs and hamburgers and stir fried something.  No fish, no sodas and even the ladies with all the cakes were missing from this event.   Again I thank who ever (GOD) that looks after us, because as always I had the grill and we had our own hot dogs, a veggie burgers, with lots of salads and a cake from Loretta.  Pat's daughter Tiffany even went home to fry us some fish (She might have went out to catch it too). 
Here are some pictures from the event.

Sandra is working on knitting socks and it looks like she is almost finish the second one.  I am hoping for a pair this winter.  Please Sandra, I need some socks.

 Here is our own little hand quilter Emma, hand quilting away on a new project.  Did you check out here finish sign language quilt she finished.  Great work Emma.

And how can we not have the dolls.  Just look at them.  Oh yah, that is my Tammy Bag for the blog hop, don't for get to check it out on the 18th June.

Happy Quilting to all of you