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Introducing our members:

Sandra Ealy!

About me: The first time that I can remember picking up a needle was to make some Barbie doll clothes out of socks and old leotards. My Paternal grandmother made quilts, but she never taught any of her children or grandchildren to quilt. But one day in the late 1990’s, I went to a Juneteenth festival and there were some quilters who were selling their quilts. A lady there told me that they had a quilting workshop going on at the next tent. So I went and tried my hand at quilting. And this is how I was bitten by the “quilting bug”.

My first quilt was a mess, but that did not stop me. I never officially took a class until years later. Cutting blocks was not my thing. I prefer to follow my own rules of quilting.

So, if the quilt police want to arrest me, do so now. I guess you can call me an art quilter. It gives me more freedom to do my own thing.  

Visit my blog:  sistahstitchalot


Sondra Hassan!

I love traditional quilt patterns saturated with vibrant, exuberant, joyous color.  I choose colors for each piece based on my mood.  Cool blues and greens, lush shades of fuchsia and burgundy, and rich chocolates are all part of my color pallet.  When I’m in the mood to dance, only the full color wheel will do. Getting color right is risky business. My cedar chest is full of unfinished pieces because the colors simply didn’t feel right.

It is the process of quilting rather than the end product that I enjoy most. The finished quilt is a reference point for the next project.  There is a lesson to be learned with each piece.  It may relate to technique, or it may relate to life – forgiveness, passion, freedom, and justice….


Lezetta J. Moyer!

I believe creativity and artistic skills are built into our DNA. The challenge is to find whatever that might be and explore it with passion and patience to develop your own personal style. In my childhood I had crayons, pencils, paints and lots of paper. I took art classes in an after school museum program during high school and explored art history in college.

Marriage, children, family and an exciting career consumed most of my free time to create art but it did not stop me. I took up quilting after my last child was born and have never completely stopped. I was fortunate to travel the globe in my career and developed a deeper appreciation for fine art, folk art, foreign culture and different ways of life.

Today I continue to learn more about quilting and fabric art from the talented members of Wee Bee Quilters. I like the way we challenge each other and take time help one another finish our work. Together, our closely knit group pushes the envelope, produces stunning work, and nurtures individual creativity and skilled craftsmanship.


Linda McKenzie!

After a winding journey in crafts that included macramé, knitting, crocheting, jewelry making using semi precious stones as well as paper and clay, I discovered quiltmaking. I’d found my home, my creative wandering was over!

I love scrap quilts, especially unexpected designs. I like putting my own spin on traditional patterns and creating something that you won’t readily find in books or magazines.  I doubt I’ll ever purchase a quilt kit although they can be great tools, with everything already coordinated for you.  But sometimes I like doing my own thing with quilts ... that way I know no one else has made the exact same quilt that I did.


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