Thursday, October 31, 2013

Quarterly News Letter–Fun At The Bee

August:  Annual Wee Bee Cookout

Sandra Ealy opened her home again to her Wee Bee girls to have our annual cookout.  We ate, we talked, we relaxed and I…………………………………………………………August picnic 2013 4Slept.  I just got back for Texas, so I was tired.

Felicia sleeps


September: AIDS Quilt, Happy Birthday, Congratulation, MIA, Etc…

We banded together to layout our AIDS Quilt blocks to put it together.


After laying out the blocks and numbering them, some of the girls hit the sewing machine to put the rows together.  Gwen Jackson took it home to finish sewing on the boarders, and I will be making the label.


It was also Linda Saunders Birthday.  Now how old are you?  I know the kids were calling her while at the meeting wishing her well on her birthday.  Happy Birthday Linda.


Shirley Royal was in town giving a helping hand with the AIDS quilt.  Emma what are you doing?  She is on the sewing machine.  After the initial shock of seeing Emma on the sewing machine, I had to check out what she was sewing.  It was a pillow case.  You go girl, we will make a sewing machine user out of you yet.  And who is that with a big smile on her face, Lezetta.  She has been spending time with the family, weddings and road trips.  We have missed you welcome back.


Congratulation to Lynora Williams, she has received her  Master of Science Degree in Library & Information Science.  You go girl.

We also like to give our Congratulation to Jocelyn Herbert  who is now Jocelyn Allen.  Hold on to that man, and stop having him sit in the car while you are in the meeting.

Photo: Greater Saint John Church,


October:  Halloween Block Exchange, AIDS Quilt Finish, Workshop-Fabric Bowles



We had six exchange block for this spooky month and after seen the blocks two other Wee Bee members wanted to also join in the fun, so I can you will not see a quilt from this exchange until December or next October.


Our AID Quilt is completed and a label was made.  What a great quilt to add to the collection.  All we need to do is fill out the paper work and send it on it way to be add the the famous AIDS Quilt Foundation.


SAM_2821Fabric Bowl Workshop with Sandy Hassan.  We would like to thank Sandy for a great workshop on fabric bowls.  It was very fun and very easy.  You should have seen all the fabric being wrapped around rope.


We only had two finishers, Sandy or course and Linda M.


The rest of us will be finishing our fabric bowls at home and have it for show-n-tell at our next meeting.  They had so much fun making them, we might just see more then on.

Than is all for now, looking forward to Show-N-Tell in November.

Upcoming Events in November

1.  Making Christmas Ornaments for Fox 5 Christmas Tree

2.  Show-N-Tell

3.  Eating leftover Thanksgiving Food.


Happy Quilting

Felicia Few (The Slow Quilter) News Report

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Wee Bee News Letter for July

We had a fun time at the July Wee Bee Meeting,


Pat King was our instructor for the Spider Web quilt block.  Here are some of the participants of the class:



Look at that, Emma is on a sewing machine.  And yes that is Debra Murphy who always stops by when she is in town participating in the class.  Great bloc Deb.


Even Linda participated in the class.  I think that is her block next to Debra.



Most of us also turned in our AIDS quilt blocks.  It seem that we all had a theme of HOPE.


And what is a meeting with out show-n-tell.


Someone (Pat) got carried away with making pillow cases.  And Charlene made this lovely circle quilt.


Cannot remember who quilts these be long too, but with all the orange in it could it be  Jocelyn?


Now Loretta has finished up this most lovely twisted Bargello quilt, and Sandra E, is knitting socks.  Hope you make me a pair for Christmas (hint, hint).


These lovely bags were made by Sandy.  Her own creation.  Maybe she will give us a class on her creations.


As you know I put out a request for pillowcase dresses to send to Haiti.  There is still time if you would like to turn in yours.


We also had a visitor in the house, Cynthia York for UHURU Quilters Guild.  I had her meet me at the Bee Meeting so we could figure out how we did the folded Bow Ties.  She show me how to do them about a year or so ago, and I show Emma how to do it, put we could not figure out how we folded them.  End the end we figured it out.


Next month August, we will all meet over at Sandra house for our Annual Cook Out.  I will be rushing back from Texas just to attend.  Save me some fish.

This is from your News Report Felicia.  Keep on quilting and having fun.