Thursday, May 22, 2014

April News Letter–What’s Happening At The Bee


Great things were happening at the Bee last month announcements, visit from a past member, welcome make to the fold of a MIA member, and a bag class from one of our own.  So let us recap for last month.


 Who is that you say?  It is Mia Baker, one of our long time members who stop by to say hello.  She still has her Wee Bee Quilters shirt.  It was nice to see her again, and hope she will stop by again.


Well, there is no help for this blurry picture of Valerie Crawford, using a unknown camera, should have use the cell phone.  Anyway, we would like to welcome back to the fold the MIA member Val.  She has been working weekends, and was not able to attend the meetings, but always paid her dues.  We are glad she is off the weekend shift and able to join us again.


Another blurry picture of Rene Bailey who stop by to present a quilt to Carolyn Burgess for her contribution to the UHURH Quilters Guild.  Sorry no picture of the quilt still have camera problems.  May be someone took a picture and will send it to me for the end of year photo gallery.


Here is Lynora Williams, the BEE gave her a gift card to congratulate her for receiving her  Master of Science Degree in Library & Information Science.

Below is some of the Red/White quilts that were done for a show, I think was 2 years ago.  We are hoping to display these quilts in Columbus, Ohio at a one day church exhibit around July.  If you have anything red/white you would like to send, please contact Carolyn Burgess.

20140426_13003920140426_130046 20140426_13005420140426_130105


I was having camera trouble and was taking pictures with my cell phone.  These are some of the blocks from our 10th Anniversary swap.  You can see more of them on Linda’s blog, just click on her name.  Everyone rushed home to figure out how they will put their anniversary blocks together.  I myself went home and cut them down to size, and have not looked at them since.  But, I have been making myself crazy by trying to find the right fabric color to use for sashing.


Yetude (Sandra Ealy) gave a class on this fun little bag.  She originally made this bag to carry her yarn in, but it is great for anything you want to use it for.  It was originally small put she blow up the pattern to make a medium and large bag.  She is with Lezetta giving her some tips of putting it together.













These little bags were made by Shirley Royal, to hold our utensils (forks, knives and spoons).  She got this idea from one of the UHURU Guild members and remembered how to do it and just made it.  Great member and great bags.  I see another class in the work for this.

Last is some pictures of show-n-tell.


 This could be a picture of the quilt present to Carolyn, but not sure.




Well, that is all for now.  See you this weekend.

News Letter Reporter