Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Little bits and pieces

I just finished this little house top from scraps someone gave me at guild meeting a couple months ago.  It's a cute top and it was a lot of fun going through all those scraps!  For some reason other people's scraps seem so much more intriguing than my own - "what did they use this piece in? have I seen this one finished up?" 

I cut a lot of black strips and bright colored squares for the sashing at 1-1/2" so they would finish at 1".  When I finished the top there were a few pieces left over, black strips and bright squares. 

I thought of sewing the leftovers together as a leader/ender project to use as a piano key border (or strip) in another quilt, and it's a cute idea but I'm not sure I like using black as the main part.  It would be too limiting, I think.

I tried placing a few bright squares with a white strip but there you have the same potential problem - too limiting!

I'll probably use a single color for the squares, and make the strips scrappy... which means I'll need to so some cutting.  But, since the point was to use up what I'd already cut, I'll go ahead and put this idea on the back burner.  Maybe I'll toss the 1-1/2" squares in my crumb bin and use them that way.

So that's part of what ran through my mind today... I hope you're having a good day and good quilty thoughts - sew forth and sew on!


  1. So many scraps, so little time! LOL! Just make a fun scrappy postage stamp quilt.

    1. Scraps are almost like Forrest Gump's boxa-choklits - you never know what you're gonna ge-yet!