Thursday, January 3, 2013

Cluck! Cluck! Is That My Machine

Hello everyone, Happy New Year, I am back.  Had  to take some time off to get through all the holiday stuff.  I Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and that you will be blessed in this New Year 2013.

I do not plan to make any resolutions, because I most likely will not keep them any way.  I do not plan to make a list of UFOs because I will get to them when I have the time.  I will be starting new projects that I know that I most likely will not finish.  I do not plan to worry about the Fiscal Cliff since there is nothing I can do about it. 

I have join several blog hops from now to March which I will post later this week.  I am back in the sewing room working on some things for Tom.  The Burgundy and Gold Redskins YA!!!  Since I am on the new computer, I have not fingered out how to get picture from the camera so I will have to post pictures from the laptop when I go upstairs.

As I was working on some pot holders last night, sewing on a binding, my old faithful sewing machine started to make funny noises cluck, cluck, needle will not go up it is stuck.  Looking at it now, I know it will have to go to the shop.  Luckily have have several sewing machines, so I brought one down from the bedroom to work on today.  Hopefully I will finish these projects by tonight and start on my blog hop projects.

Well that is all for now, I do have a lot more to tell you, but I want  to get set up on and get to sewing.  So until tomorrow.

The Slow Quilter

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  1. I picked up a UFO yesterday. It was going to be a tablecloth, but turned into a quilt top. gotta piece my back and get it sandwiched so I can do my thing.