Monday, January 7, 2013

Mini design boards

Our bee doesn't meet in December because of the Christmas holiday, so we delay our Christmas celebration until the first meeting of the year, in January.  Which gave me an extra month to make the gifts I want to share with the Bee!

I found a tutorial for mini design boards at Bee in my Bonnet that I thought were really cute - an appropriate name, since they'll be gifts for my Bee!

You cut the poster board, attach the batting to one side, attach the fabric strip along the edges and presto - a mini design board!  I'm making these at 10x10 as suggested in the tutorial, they'll be a good size to hold pieces for 6" or 8" blocks. 

They're easy to make but you really do have to go slowly to keep the fabric edge straight. 

So that's one down, X-plus to go!
Sew forth and sew on til later

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  1. Those are perfect for previewing block fabrics.